Photography has been a love of mine since childhood. While participating with and learning from family and friends during numerous outdoor outings, camping trips, hunting excursions, wildlife and nature hikes; photography seemed to help me capture all of the living memories. Having lived in numerous rural settings in several Western States, many opportunities to explore, experience life, live and learn what our world has to offer was paramount. Photography was and quickly became the medium for me to enable sharing with others. Being a 4H member and tied to rural ways of life during my formable years, many skills were encouraged and allowed to be enhanced. Photography was one that blossomed as a passion. After hundreds of snapshots and experimentations with cameras as a teenager, a 4H trophy was awarded in Idaho for a photographic portfolio representing Central Idaho’s majestic offerings. As a member of my high schools yearbook staff, the journalistic side of photography took root and added another dimension to my love and passions. This lead me to utilize this passionate love in capturing and sharing with family and friends photos of their events, gatherings, weddings, graduations, parties, etc. My passion was quickly noticed, requested and desired by others to help them capture their special moments and memories. This all coupled with a work ethic and practiced belief and background in customer service brought all of my passions together. This was recognized by the Elko Chamber of Commerce and resulted in an award for “Excellence in Customer Service”. My life’s pathways and work background has enabled me to be kind, quick on my feet, strong and resilient in stressful situations, caring, passionate and very capable of dealing with the moment at hand. My being is made up of a strong customer service and caring attitude with a pride in capturing the moments in new and unique ways. It is for this reason that my love and passion in capturing and creating is there and being offered for you and all of your special occasions. A call from you to help you capture your unique moments would be my Honor. See you soon!